Mars Dozer and Nursery (1)
Mars Dozer and Nursery (1)
Mars Dozer and Nursery (2)
Terraform complete at 1000M

Mars Modules Edit

The Mars Nursery Truck is used to make this Tree nursery on Mars.

Build the Mars Nursery Truck in the ShipYard on the moon and send it by Gamma 4 rocket or Vasimr Ship to Mars.

"Land" the Tree nursery and it will start building a nursery full of trees.

The Tree nursery returns to your inventory when it has finished, to be "Landed" again to make the next nursery.

Every Tree nursery built releases a gas of 500 towards the terraforming of Mars.

Mars terraforming is complete at 1,000M Heat and Gas release. Touch on the "Supplies" box at the top right of the game to see your progress.

See the Mars Inc.list for more Mars modules.

Requirement Edit

Basic Stats:
  • Price: $5,000,000
  • Size: 1x1
  • MARS04 Tech
  • 10,000 Metal
  • 100 Silicon
  • Tree nursery
  • GasRel = 500
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