• I have developed and deployed a 2x2 Garage module.  However the vehicles I assign to it have the following problems when I tell them to deploy:

    Mars Dozer - needs FishDNA and AnimalFood

    Mars Nursery Truck - needs PlantDNA and WormCastings

    Mars Worm Truck - needs WormDNA and Animal Food

    Mars Grass Truck - needs PlantDNA

    Where do the various DNA sources come from?  If the source is the 2x2 Science Lab, that itself needs 15 Parts, which needs Cellulose, but that cellulose has to come from grass, which needs PlantDNA.  The Moonbase Science Center doesn't have it as a research option either.

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    • 2x2 Research facility

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    • Cellulose also comes from lichen and fart plants.

      The three types of DNA are researched in a 2x2 Research Facility.  It conducts the research automatically but at the moment the resulting DNA is to be random.

      You will need to deploy a grass truck first since grass is the only source of Animal Food (200 per harvest)

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    • How do I get the science 1 kits to build the 2x2 research facility? I don't have the option to build them! !!!

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    • Robotic Analyzer is the Science 1 Kit.  Build 4 of them at the Moon, and send them to Mars.

      You will need a Life Support Module at Mars, so make sure you have the components for it (Mars Water Borehole Kit, Mars Electrolyzer Kit, 3D Parts storage).

      Note: 4 Rovers produce enough research for 1 Robotic Analyzer, so if you want to plop down 1 2x2 Research Facility, you will need 16 Rovers (or you will be turning it on/off repeatedly).

      Build/Launch/Land (BLL) Rovers to produce Samples.  You BLL a Robotic Analyzer to look at the samples and randomly produce Mars Lichen/Plants.  Harvest the Lichen/plants to produce Cellulose.  BLL a 3D Printer to convert 500 Cellulose into 1 Part.  Print 35 Parts at the 3D Printer, so you have enough for a Life Support Module, a 2x2 Research Facility, and a Garage.  Recycle the 3D Printer and the 3D Printed Parts storage.  Use the Water Borehole kit, the Electrolyzer kit, the 3D Parts storage Kit, the 3D Printer Kit, and 10 Parts to build the Life Support Module (everything else will attach to it or another 2x2 building).  Recycle all the Robotic Analyzers, and build a 2x2 Research Facility.  Recycle 4 Gas Harvesters and build a Garage.  Turn the Garage off for now.

      Builf & Launch a Grass Truck (this can be done right after you BLL the 3D Printer, as 25 Parts will take a while).

      2x2 research Facility produces randomly selected Plant/Worm/Fish DNA.  Focus on gathering Plant DNA for now.  When you have five Plant DNA, reactivate the Garage, and send out the Grass Truck.  Note that wherever you put the grass, it will stay there until you recycle it.  The Grass Truck initially seeds it using 1 hour offline time.  After you pop back in, the Grass Truck is returned to storage.  Harvesting occurs after another offline hour.  Grass produces 400 cellulose per harvest, so it rapidly becomes your best source of Cellulose.

      Hope this helps.

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    • My bad math, only two Rovers per Robotic Analyzer

      If you find yourself with too much cellulose too quickly, go ahead and recycle the 3D Printer (after it has finished printing 10 parts) along with the 3D parts storage, then build the Life Support Module. The 3D Printer takes 1 hr per part, the LSM only takes 30 mins.

      The nice part is that you can queue up multiple Parts at a 3D printer or LSM, meaning you can order a bunch bfore work/sleep, and know that the Parts are being made without you needing to add one at a time (like the Shipyards on the Moon).

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    • How do you deploy the fishing boat,  the other vehicles seem to appear next to garage.   The fishboat I cannot find in my lakes or the ice craters.

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    • Fishing boats are deployed from garages next to a lake.  Note that you will need one garage for each fishing boat.

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    • I thought that might be the case but went to move garage but of course my large lake was corner of screen and no buildings close enough.  Then forgot to rebuild it for a couple days.... just had to build new garage. 

      Thank You for the help will have to work on it a bit.  Was just going for a slow and steady transformation before the updates.  Now have to rework a few things, and grow to compensate for the losses.

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    • What does the Fishing Boat actually Produce?

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    • wrote:
      What does the Fishing Boat actually Produce?

      Each one currently produces 72 units of food per day.

      As for relocating or placing new units that need to be connected to another 2x2 unit, I usually place a 2x2 Life Support Module adjacent to the location of the new or relocated unit.  The 2x2 furnace and the 5x5 hotel also can be relocated at will.

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    • Thank You

      I believe in the end I made a chain of buildings to the location, tried to make a new Deuterium reactor but it needed to be connected also iirc.

      I have been sending the other trucks out deploying them then putting the fishing boat back into the lake.

      That explains why my food goes negative at times, at 60 right now so then -12 I hadn't noticed the connection before.  Tonight adding more food units...

      Thanks Again

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    • How do you create celulose

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    • wrote:
      How do you create celulose

      You can get cellulose from recycling Mars Lichen (50 cellulose per), or by harvesting Mars grass (400 cellulose).  The Mars grass produces 200 Animal Food in addition to the cellulose.  The best part about the Mars grass is that you can harvest it, and it will regrow in ~1 hour.

      One good idea for steady cellulose production is sending 2 Mars Rovers and a Robotic Analyzer.  The Mars Rovers will produce exactly the number of Samples that the Robotic Analyzer can handle.  Some samples will place a lichen on Mars, some won't.  The fun part is the Lichen will be placed anywhere there is n empty space, so you may have trouble finding the Lichen to harvest.

      Just have to keep on using the Rovers and Robotic Analyzers in a 2:1 ratio to get the samples you need to slowly get Lichen.  Once you get your first bit of Mars Grass, your cellulose gathering will speed up rapidly.

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