Unfortunately, I have not found a way to upload pictures from your Android device.  If somebody figures it out please post how to do it.  (I cheat - I take screenshots, and e-mail them to myself for uploading from my desktop. - Tara Li)

Random Screenshots from Tara Li - most used elsewhere on this WikiEdit

Screenshot LEM Player Stats
Screenshot LEM Menu Screen
Screenshot LEM Game Stats
Game Menu

Near end of Level 0 of the Tutorial, zoomed out to show most of the playing field.


Near end of Level 0 of the Tutorial.


Initial Screen for Moonbase Inc.

Resources Monitor Menu
Message Log

Screenshot by LayzeEdit

Moonbase screenshot edited
Nicely built up base!

Screenshots by SiEdit

A few screen shots of terraforming Mars.

MoonBase Inc Mars 1x1
MoonBase Inc Mars
MoonBase Inc Picture 19
MoonBase Inc Picture 18
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