Build any buildings that will advance your Research points. You need Research points to investigate Alien artifacts found in Moonhenge, as well as to research other technologies to advance the game.

Research then takes place in Research Centers, and an alert will notify you of when it has been completed. You can research to improve the abilities of Kreep mining in the Kreep Shaft for example. See the Tech List below.

You can monitor your number of Research points in the game by touching on the Resource Monitor on the Game Interface, at the bottom left of the screen, go to All, then Research and swipe right.

MoonBase Inc Research

Research buildings

Tech List Edit

Tech: Name: Prerequisite For:
POW01 Improved Solar Cell Efficiency Solar Array
POW02 Fusion Power Fusion Power Plant
POW03 Radioactive Waste Management Hazardeous Materials Plant
POW04 Heliostat Technology Heliostat Mirror Array
PROP01 Oxygen/Hydrogen Rocket Motors Small Lander

Tintin Rocket

Retro Rocket

Bulk Cargo, Small

Phone Booth

T45 Cargo

Bulk Cargo, Medium

Balkan Freighter

Passenger Shuttle

Mega Tanker

SC Eris

PROP02 Hybrid Rocket Motors Centaur Tanker

Centaur Cargo

Centaur Transport

Cruise Ship

PROP03 Mars One-way Rocket Motor Gamma 4 Build/Launch Facility
PROP04 Vasimr Drive Vasimr
MARS01 Design Mars Rover
MARS02 1x1 Lander Technology
MARS03 Mars 2x2 Construction Technology
MARS04 Mars Dozer Technology
KREEP01 KREEP Mining Technology
HENGE01 Moonhenge Alien Crystal
HENGE02 Alien Crystal Cube
HENGE03 Teleporter Prototype
HENGE07 Develop Alien Generator
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