There is already a Moonhenge present on the map when you start a new game.  It is a mysterious Alien structure that was discovered before you staked your claim to this part of the moon.

Once you build a road to it you can:

  1. Perform research on it.
  2. Study with 2 scientists at a cost of 500 Research every 4 days. 
  3. Study it faster (4 scientists), at a cost of 500 Research every 2 days.

Every once in a while the scientists find different Alien Artifact that need further research to identify.  Combining these artifacts allows you to build alien technology such as the Teleporter , Ships and the Alien Power Generator .  More will be added later.

Basic Stats:

  • Price: $0
  • Size: 2x2
  • Power: 0 to -50W
  • Jobs: 0 to 4
  • Level: 0

  • nil

  • 0 or -500 Research

Yield Time: 0d0h (0s) or 2d0h (48s)

or 4d0h (96s)

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