Mars Modules Edit

This is a bigger Mars 1x1 power module, giving 6000 W per generator but requires the following steps.

Research tech=henge4 until you find all items for tech=henge5. 

Build the schematic (tech=henge5) and repeat step 1. Then build tech=henge5 again and you just made 1 Alien Generator. Each completion of tech=henge5 after that makes 1 Generator.

Then build Alien Power Generators in the ShipYard on your Moonbase and send it to Mars upon completion. 

Four of these can be used to build the 2x2 Deuterium Reactor.

Costs: $ 5 million

Resources: Metal 10.000, AlienDrive 1, Alien Junk 1

Build Time: 3600 s

Size: 1x1

Tech Level:  Jobs: 0

Power: 6000W 

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