Hi and welcome to MoonBase Inc.

Let's take a couple of minutes to explain the basics of the game.

On the moon, a complete day/night cycle lasts 29.5 days.  Humans live on a 24 hours daily cycle and that's the convention adopted for this game.  In MoonBase Inc, an hour lasts 1 second and a day lasts 24 seconds.

The storyline is simple.  You have purchased a plot of land in the polar regions so that you have constant sunlight and ice available.  You have been dropped on your plot with old LEM and limited supplies.  You are now ready to build your Moonbase !    

When you get to the game, you will note the status line at the top of the screen.  This line provides information on your play level, population, power requirements and money earned.  To its right you have the Supplies status box.  It provides information on daily production vs consumption of Food, Oxygen and Water, key elements to maintain your colony's health.  They are red because your colony's only employee already consumes Resources ,  but the colony is not producing basic resources yet.  When you produce enough Food, O2 and H2O, the indicators will turn white.  This will mean you produce more than you consume.

Looking at the status line, note that you have 1 employee, that he/she consumes 3 foods, 1 oxygen and 1 water per day.  That's the standard consumption rate per person, and they also exhale 1 CO2/day.

Tap on your LEM and you will note it is a housing structure and provides space for 2 employees.  Tap the Construction Yard 0 , it provides 1 job and generates $50 every 24 seconds. Most structures you build will be required to touch a road in order to be connected to the base infrastructure.

If you want to see your objectives again, tap the black button market "Tutorial" at the top of the screen.