This is a list of ideas for new game concepts. Please add and describe your own (and indicate your username), and who knows, maybe you'll see it in the game eventually!

- Happiness/Morale - Any good city builder tries to keep their citizens happy, and Moonbase Inc should be no exception. I think happiness should work the way that power does now, as in, it would be a non-tradable resource that most buildings consume and some buildings produce. I'm thinking hydroponic gardens, nice housing, hospitals and some tourist structures would produce happiness, while industrial structures and housing such as trailers or Sublunar Baracks would consume it. Mental health is projected to be a huge concern in any long term space mission, so I think including some measure of happiness is extremely important for the game to be compelling. - Aozeba

- Immigration - One of the things that bothers me most about the game is that when you build housing and create jobs, people just appear out of thin air. We're building a moon colony here, shouldn't it be kind of difficult to bring new people in? I think the game would be much more challenging (and therefore more fun) if immigration worked the way that tourism does now. It would require the beginning of the game to start with a small landing pad and a small ship. There could even be a "United SpaceLines" type building later on that brought in immigrants automatically. You could build buildings, but they wouldn't work until the appropriate number of immigrants had arrived. - Andon

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