This is a list of ideas for new buildings. See the current Facilities list. Please add and describe your own (and indicate your username), and who knows, maybe you'll see it in the game eventually!

- Oyster Hatchery - There always seems to be extra calcium around the base, so how about an oyster hatchery that would take in equal amounts of calcium and green goo and output food? My dad is a huge space enthusiast and a builder of oyster hatcheries so he would appreciate this a lot :) - Aozeba

- Genetics Lab - Research building that would allow you to increase the output/decrease the input of farms by engineering more efficient crops. Could also be used to engineer your human population so that they consume less food or less oxygen. - Aozeba

-Crater road- Expensive road that can go over small 1x1 craters. Maybe roads that go over 2x2 craters, and leave a 1x1 space in the middle to build on. -Slam9

-Battery maker- Takes materials (metal, silicon or whatever), and wattage to make batteries. They can be sold, or you can guy them for temporary power to your base (before they run out of energy) -Slam9

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