When most think of generating electricity on the Moon, all types of high technology solutions are discussed - photovoltaic cells, nuclear reactors of various types, and even more exotic things like thermo-electric cells that draw power directly from the differences in temperatures.  But one of the most effective ways might go right back to the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution - the Steam Engine, using concentrated sunlight instead of wood or coal to provide the heat.  But, of course, on the Moon, nothing is ever quite that simple, so some research must be done to solve the fiddly bits.

Basic StructureEdit

The heliostat is an array of mirrors pointed at a tower to heat water in order to generate electricity.

The Heliostat Tower can be placed anywhere touching a road tile.

The Heliostat Mirror Array must touch a Tower OR another Mirror Array, but is not required to touch a road tile (though it can).

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