Basic StructureEdit

Generates power through nuclear fusion of Helium3. A fusion plant generates less power than a similar sized Fission Power Plant , but is more stable and produces less waste.

The yield is negative which means it takes helium-3 from inventory at the beginning of the period instead of putting in inventory at the end of the period.  If there is not enough helium-3 in inventory then the building is shut down.

For the same size, a Fusion plant generates less power than a Fission one. 

Please stop sending mails about Fusion plants being more powerful than Fission Power Plants.  Please send them to the World Nuclear Association instead.  Here is an extract from their Information Library:

"The energy density of fusion reactions in gas is very much less than for fission reactions in solid fuel, and as noted the heat yield per reaction is 70 times less. Hence thermonuclear fusion will always have a much lower power density than nuclear fission, which means that any fusion reactor needs to be larger and therefore more costly, than a fission reactor of the same power output. In addition, nuclear fission reactors use solid fuel which is denser than a thermonuclear plasma, so the energy released is more concentrated"

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And no the H-bomb (ThermoNuclear bomb) is not a fusion bomb.  It's still a fission bomb even though there is a little fusion trick to boost it.

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