This is not a part of the game at this time - Just a suggested building.

Basic StructureEdit

Generates power through both nuclear fission of uranium and Fission of Helium-3. While most fission plants use and produce hazardous materials that require careful storage, part of the design includes built in facilities to handle that waste.


Basic Stats:
  • Price: $250,000
  • Size: 3x3
  • Power: 30,000W
  • Jobs: 20
  • Level: 17
  • 4000 Metal
  • 2000 Mooncrete Blocks
  • 1,000 Helium-3
  • 3,000 Uranium
  • 15 Androids (or Jobs=40)
  • POW05 Tech Research

Yield Time: 52d2h (1250s)

I would also suggest that it consume a small amount of Uranium and Helium-3 per period (1%)

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