Basic StructureEdit

Once you've got the essentials of survival sorted; your food, water, air and so on, what's next? That's right! Gossip, cliques and favouritism. To make these things easier, it's concentrated in one easy to find place and delegated to that most honourable of professions - the politician. Before long, they're developing true bipartisan intentions and making sure that each and every crisis is properly dealt with by focus groups, inquiries and, most of all, properly apportioned blame.

On a gameplay level, the city hall provides several achievement awards:

  • Old Timer - Length of time played
  • Popular Guy - Maxiumum population
  • Job Jockey - Filled jobs
  • Tourist Trap - Cumulative number of tourists since first base
  • Pioneer Power - Number of Watts generated
  • Fusion Fanatic - Number of Fusion Power Plants
  • Fission Freak - Number of Fission Power Plants
  • Sky Pilot - Cumulative number of ship launches
  • Teleport Jetlag - Cumulative number of Teleporter visits since first base
  • Try Again - Cumulative number of NewBases since beginning
  • Awards galore - Percentage of achievements reached.

Each accomplishment comes with a reward, usually resources or a vehicle.  

The Awards are permanently awarded.  This means that if you start a NewBase you will not have to do an award that was already awarded to you.  It will remain green forever and the reward will be given to you for free as soon as you build a City Hall on the new base.  This means you can take multiple games to reach your 100% completion rate.

You'll find this listed on the Facilities page under Services and Admin.


Basic Stats:
  • Price: $1,000,000
  • Size: 3x3
  • Power: -1,250W
  • Jobs: 20
  • Level: 7
  • 2,500 Metal
  • 7,500 Mooncrete Blocks
  • 2,500 Dollars

Yield Time: 7d0h (168s)

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