Questions to Savegames and Restore

For all those migrating from one device to an other or simply want so save a game to get back to later, in Moonbase there is no special Button for B&R/SaveGame . [Save Game] is not supported.


there are ways as a workaround.

If you have a rooted device, pick a 3rd party B&R App of your choice, backup App+Data.

Unrooted devices have to do it the hard way: If you aren't so lucky to have a rooted device, it might help to take a look at this: several ways are shown there (Android > 4.0, all <4.0 sorry I have no Idea)

Help others and report fails/success)

Helium How To (According to Dr.Tarantula Helium fails)

Hawei users: use built in App -Backup&Restore Moonbase app+data.