Androids are here! Persecuted by the Evil Fruit Corp, they come to you for asylum at a rate of 1 per day (as a daily bonus). You need to provide housing for them. Build the Metal Processing Plant to make Shipping Containers for their houses.


Androids have perfected nano-silicon ant-like lifeforms, ant-droids, that grow pre-programmed colonies out of materials extracted from lunar regolith. These colonies can be valuable crops, buildings, ships, etc. Crops must be re-seeded after every yield but they are about 3 times more lucrative than anything else. Buildings do not need to be re-seeded. Ant-droids need to be fertilised with Nanites in order to perform their duties. Each android yields one Nanite per day (24s)

Ant-droid colony typesEdit

Currently there are six different types of ant-droid colonies.

  • Ice colony - yields 50 water and consumes 10 Nanites every 48s
  • Solar fungus - yields 250W power and consumes 10 Nanites every 48s
  • Gold hive - yields 250 gold in 600s for 200 Nanites
  • Hydrogen trap - yields 4000 hydrogen in 600s for 100 Nanites
  • Red gems - yields 2000 uranium in 1200s for 100 Nanites
  • ³He party balloons - yields 2000 helium-3 in 1200s for 100 Nanites

All cost $1000 Fun fact - Plant your colonies with a Regolith Scout Base nearby for automatic material pick-up!

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